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cdrecord and k3b

My mondoarchive couldn't write to my cdrom, and I started looking around for
why.  K3B works perfectly from the KDE desktop, but cdrecord doesn't seem to
be able to find the cdrom.  Here is some pertinent output from cdrecord and
FSTAB.  Can someone explain what's going on and how to get my cdrecord
working again?  Thanks - John

Luke:~# cdrecord --scanbus
Cdrecord-Clone 2.01a34 (i686-pc-linux-gnu) Copyright (C) 1995-2004 Jörg
NOTE: this version of cdrecord is an inofficial (modified) release of
      and thus may have bugs that are not present in the original version.
      Please send bug reports and support requests to
      The original author should not be bothered with problems of this

cdrecord: No such file or directory. Cannot open '/dev/pg*'. Cannot open
SCSI driver.
cdrecord: For possible targets try 'cdrecord -scanbus'.
cdrecord: For possible transport specifiers try 'cdrecord dev=help'.
cdrecord: For more information, install the cdrtools-doc
cdrecord: package and read /usr/share/doc/cdrecord/README.ATAPI.setup .
Luke:~# cat /etc/fstab

# /etc/fstab: static file system information.
# <file system> <mount point>   <type>  <options>       <dump>  <pass>
proc            /proc           proc    defaults        0       0
/dev/hda1       /               ext3    defaults,errors=remount-ro 0       1
/dev/hda5       none            swap    sw              0       0
/dev/hde        /media/cdrom0   iso9660 ro,user,noauto  0       0
/dev/fd0        /media/floppy0  auto    rw,user,noauto  0       0
Luke:~# mount /cdrom0
mount: can't find /cdrom0 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab

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