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how to start making doodle work

Today I noticed that a package named 'doodle' was avaialble for Testing. It was a pleasant surprise to see a disk search tool like this.

I installed it and gave the command to start it(as a message during installation advised) and got this error:
~# /etc/cron.daily/doodle

(process:5747): libgsf:msole-CRITICAL **: file gsf-infile-msole.c: line 112 (ole_get_block): assertion `block < ole->info->max_block' failed
chown: cannot access `/var/lib/doodle/doodle.db': No such file or directory

I am running 2.6.7-1-686 and doodle version is 0.4.0-1

Any suggestion what could be amiss?


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