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Re: Cannot paste into remote shell

On Wed, 22 Sep 2004 16:19:46 +0200
martin f krafft disseminated the following:

> also sprach JoeHill

LOL! I like that...I feel like changing my nick to 'Zarathustra'.

> > Is there a way to 'correct' this behaviour, or is this normal? Is
> > it an 'incompatibility' between the Eterm on my Mandrake box and
> > the Debian machine?
> Can you execute `reset` and see if it fixes this? Is it only
> happening on one console, or in all?

Executing 'reset' did not resolve it, but your second question prompted me (no
pun intended) to open a new shell, and sure enough the pasting worked as

What might cause this, just out of curiosity?

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