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Re: Chronyc Stratum 2 ntp servers access denied.

Rthoreau wrote:
After setting up Chrony, and reading the docs, I am still unable to get Chrony to update my time.

So I decided to use Chronyc with the accheck <url> command, and I am getting 209 Access denied commands on all the Stratum 2 servers I am trying to contact. Yes I have inputed my Chronyc passwd like the docs says, with Chronyc password.

According to http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~mills/ntp/clock2b.html, these are supposed to be Stratum 2 servers with public access. There is a note on some of the listings that suggest to drop them a notification if you use their servers.

I would like to use accheck to verify the server is talking to Chronyd, I would also like to find the closest ntp server that is working. But so far no luck, I have the default .conf file using the pool.ntp.org addresses, like this. The only thing I changed was the online from offline, because I use DSL, and my computer is always on.

server pool.ntp.org online server pool.ntp.org online server pool.ntp.org online

I don't understand this. You have these 3 lines in your chrony.conf and not one of the servers that are in the link you cite?

Also chrony is very complete for you to check that it is "talking". Viz. you can use the commands, like "activity" to see what is online, "sourcestats" to see what the sources do. Also you can check the logs in /var/log/chrony that tell you exactly what it is doing.

If "activity" shows nothing online and "online" doesn't change that then you don't have the right servers in your conf file.



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