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Re: Delays accesing some urls from debian

On Tue, Sep 21, 2004 at 10:03:42AM -0400, Carl Fink wrote:

> 1.  What's "very slow"?  Three seconds?  Three minutes?  Three weeks?

  3 sec < time < 3 weeks, more precisely, t is measured relatively
  with respect to other sites. High precision is not really needed
  here, it is about one-two minutes.
> 2.  What version of Debian?


> 3.  What browser(s)? (Both at home and at the office.) 

      both (mozilla, firefox)

> 4.  What VERSION of each browser?

      last for each OS

> 5.  What connection type at home and at the office?  For instance, do
>     you have a T3 at the office and a dialup modem at home?

	 Office(T3); Home(Cable)

> 6.  Do you have a proxy at home?  At work?  Does each proxy cache?  


> Do you begin to see how hard to answer your question is?  


> BTW, www.nytimes.com loads in just under three seconds here, using
> Debian Sarge, Mozilla Firefox, Optimum Online cable modem access, and
> Privoxy as a non-caching proxy.


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