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Re: Keyboard occasionally nonresponsive on bootup with Debian Sid

> > Hmm. I'm fairly certain the keyboard fails to work when I haven't
> > pressed any keys yet (not even 'return' to select the kernel in
> > GRUB--it usually just picks the first one after 5 seconds). I can't
> > for the life of me think of what would make it occur only
> > occasionally, though.  
> My gut instinct is to declare, with a 98.625% confidence level, that
> your keyboard/keyboard connector is flakey.  

You may have missed the part where I said that I had this problem on two
different laptops.  I was certain it was hardware as well on the first
laptop (a Dell Latitude), but then I got a brand new IBM Thinkpad X40,
and the same behavior occurred immediately out of the box.  The Latitude
was nearly new as well.  What is your confidence level that two brand new
laptops would both have the same keyboard/connector flakiness, that only
occurs after the bootloader is done, but not before?
Adam Rosi-Kessel

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