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Re: uname problem??

On Saturday 18 September 2004 12:32 pm, Eddy Parris wrote:
> Ah ok, sorted
> dunno wat it was but i dl'ed the coreutils deb file and reinstalled it with
> dpkg, seems to have fixed the problem... i wonder wat it was though?
> very odd!
> nevermind.. its sorted now and im happy :P

I was thinking it might be some freaky /etc/alternatives corruption.  I guess 
we'll never know though.

I *doubt* it was filesystem corruption.  Possibly, but my experience with 
filesystem corruption has been that once something gets to the point where 
one command is running as though it were another, you cd into a directory, 
and it's not there anymore, and then the kernel crashes, and it's tango 
sierra for the filesystem, do not fsck, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

I think it was an early ext3 bug that caused that in my case though.  That's 
why I still won't run ext3 to this day.  Anyway, I guess it doesn't matter 

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