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Re: My Blues just go more blue

Once upon a time Bill Moseley said...
> Ok, I just did a dist-upgrade on my Sid machine and blue text changed.
> I first noticed in mutt that my light blue lines got darker -- I see
> it in the background color in the header line, for example:
>   ---Mutt: =lists.debian-user [Msgs:6754 New:6263 Flag:1 Post:47 Inc:1]---(threads/date)------(end)---
> Use to be light blue and now it's dark blue.

Did you notice a few months ago when it used to be dark blue, it changed
to light blue? I did. I'm glad it's changed back.

This changelog entry from xterm explains:

    + Change resource settings for color4 and color12; add some
      discussion in XTerm-col.ad.  (Closes: #255070)

So, have a look in /etc/X11/app-defaults/XTerm-color, where the light
blue colours are documented, and make the necessary changes.

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