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Re: Defoma

John Lowell wrote:
> I've taken a lot of time to research the Debian approach to fonts
> hoping
> to find a way to get an overview....I've googled and schmoogled
> looking
> for some independent "How-To" to  provide context for these man pages
> but can find nothing helpful.

Neither can anyone else. It's a mess.

I run Sarge, standard 2.6.7-686 kernel, only touching installations and configurations with apt-get and dpkg-reconfigure as far as possible.

I have pretty nice fonts in Qt/KDE-family programs after zillion trial-and error configuration tries that I never fully understood. But some (not all) gtk/GNOME-family programs (like Pan newsreader, MldonkeyGUI) have too small fonts. This is if I run KDE as desktop.

If I start Xfce, the Qt-program fonts are suddenly too large and Pan fonts are nice. And at some point in my system history (that I don't have the energy to report here) just launching some gconf-editor version changed _all_ fonts bigger on the fly, even when using KDE.

The only good thing is that it is getting better. A year ago just enabling anti-aliasing was wizardry. I hope and wish that a year from now (Debian next release?) it will require wizardry to see ugly fonts at all.

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