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Re: Debian install program unable to mount CD-ROM

Please don't post a message multiple times - all you might accomplish is
annoying the list members, reducing your chances of getting help.

Eric Hielscher wrote:

> So, first when I was trying to install Debian was unable to find my
> HDDs.  I poked around the net and found that SATA support is, well,
> interesting, so I set my BIOS to Legacy ATA mode.  This allowed me to
> have the Debian install program find my HDDs, and I was able to
> partition them and initialize the file systems.  Now when I try to move
> to the next step, Install kernel and modules, Debian is unable to mount
> either of my CD drives.

If you haven't already, I would recommend using the new Debian Installer.
The new installer supports more hardware and has better hardware detection.



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