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Gnome XDMCP on server

Hi there,

I'm using cygwin-X on my WinXP-Box to access the Gnome-Desktop (2.6) on my Debian-Sarge-Server (Kernel 2.6.7) over XDMCP. My problem is that GDM has to be up and running to login via XDMCP (then it works perfectly well). But - as servers are - I don't have a mouse, keyboard or monitor connected to my server. So GDM crashes after some trying. Is there a way to configure GDM or Xfree86 in any way not to search for a mouse (that's the hanger I guess) ? Or - even better - is there a way to configure GDM for XDMCP not fireing up a local X-Server ?

I know there is a thing called X over SSH, but I have many problems to make it work (can't start Synaptic, always get memory errors, can start gnome-session but after that I can't start any prog from Gnome-desktop + many many more issues) and I want to use XDMCP in my personal network only.

Any suggestions ?

Thank you, Rado

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