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Re: mobility radeon driver

Pau Novella Garijo wrote:

> I have a laptop with a mobility radeon M6 LY video card and I've been looking 
> for a free driver for a week with no results. I've been told that there are 
> free drivers which suports up to M7 cards.

I have the exact same card in my iBook and it's working flawlessly, so
the following should work if you are running kernel 2.6:

* Install the latest version of xserver-xfree86 from unstable.

* (Re)configure X and select the "ati" driver; answer Yes when debconf
asks if you want to use the framebuffer.

* In your /etc/modules-2.6 file (or in /etc/modules if that file doesn't
exist), add these three lines.  They MUST be in this order:


(Maybe the uninorth_agp isn't necessary on non-Apple machines?  Don't know.)

* In your bootloader config file (e.g. /etc/lilo.conf), add the argument


to your default kernel entry, then run the bootloader installer (e.g.
lilo) if necessary.

* Reboot and start X -- good luck!  Run glxgears to see if your video
acceleration is working.


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