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RE: How Best to Email Documents?

> The problem of attachments is compounded in the case of homework.  My 
> grandson writes his papers using Open Office.  The printouts are fine 
> but occasionally he must transmit the file to school.  The 
> school uses 
> only Mac's but can convert files from the .doc format.  This 
> means Open 
> Office must convert from .sxw to .doc for transmission to the school 
> where it will be converted to their Mac format.

Its been my recent experience that when saving to .doc with OOo, it will
open and look OK in OpenOffice, but some features still looks a bit screwed
up in Word. The same for opening Word created .docs in OOo.

Use PDF. Everyone should be able to view them, and the software to read the
files is freely available.


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