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Re: Samba upgrade to 3.06 is causing problems

On Mon, Sep 06, 2004 at 09:22:27AM +0200, Remon Vos wrote:
> I already tried different security settings... none of them worked for me.
> My log.[sn]mbd files do not show any errors. And testparm runs ok too.

You may need to increase the "log level", I think you get 0 if
nothing is specified.  Maybe try 2, or 3.

> But... When I mount the shared directory on my server on another linux box
> (which has not been upgraded yet, and thus runs on an older (working) samba
> version), I can browse directories (like on my Windows box). But when I try
> to open a file I get the following error:
> smb_get_length: Invalid NBT packet
> Does anyone know what this is?

Sorry, the only quick references to this I saw were related to encrypted
password problems.  But if you can browse the directory you should be
past the auth stage.

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