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Re: squirrelmail, courier-imap, and subfolders

On Monday September  6 at 01:32pm
Victor Munoz <vmunoz@macul.ciencias.uchile.cl> wrote:

> Hello. I'm trying to setup squirrelmail with courier-imap in my woody
> server. Currently I can login at http://localhost/squirrelmail, 
> and I see my Inbox (which is my directory ~/Maildir). 
> However, I have several other subfolders in ~/Maildir
> (~/Maildir/debian,~/Maildir/papers, etc.), which I'd like to see via
> squirrelmail too. Can it be done? How? Thanks for any help,

How did you create those folders? When I create IMAP folders in
Sylpheed-Claws or Ilohamail, they are named .thisisafolder (note the
leading period) and contain cur/new/tmp folders. It sounds like you
manually created those folders, which would be a Bad Idea (tm)
-johann koenig
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