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Re: root partition full and du and df do not agree

On Sun, Sep 05, 2004 at 09:28:20AM -0400, John Harrold wrote:
> I have a delima. My root partition is about 24Gb and it's full. The problem
> is that I cannot figure out what is taking up the space. If I goto '/' and
> run 'du -x' it says that about 500Mb are being used. This is about what I
> would expect. Now If I run 'df' it says the partition is 100% full. Is
> there any way to check for unlinked files which are taking up space or
> something like that? I'm quite baffled here. This computer is running
> sarge.
Hi John,
if you have lots of SMALL files (less than the block size) you may be
out of inodes and NOT MB. try 'df -i'.


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