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Re: MPlayer problem as plugin

Steven Feinstein wrote:

> I'm trying to set my machine up for viewing video over the web.  I read
> that
> one of the best options is to use mplayer.  I found a web site with debs
> for mplayer and I installed it along with various windows codecs and a
> quicktime codec.
> It plays fine from the command prompt and from the GUI.  But I can't seem
> to
> get it to do anything from within the web browser.  What I see is a box
> with the text:
> mplayerplug-in Loading movie...
> Nothing happens.  I tried turning the gui on in the plugin config file.
> That brought up the mplayer gui, but I still got nothing as far as the
> video goes.
> Does anyone have any ideas?  Is there a better option (since Debian does
> not currently support mplayer, what should I be using and how to set it
> up).
> My machine is running Sarge with packages last updated on 9/1.
> Thanks for any help,
> Steve

After doing more testing, I have found that the site I have the most
problems with is Yahoo.  Going to Apple's site and viewing trailers seems
to work.  I was able to play mov and asf videos.  MPG did not work (unless
I downloaded the file first).  Some I'm having less issues than first
thought.  Not sure why Yahoo does not work though.

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