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Re: Can't dial up

I have been working along these lines, but I am thinking of another
approach, can anybody see any problems with this idea.

Since I will need the "pointy clickey" KDE thing to sell my fiance on
swithcing to linux, I really want to get that working.

IT allows choices ttys0 through ttys3, my modem is on ttys4 according
to wmdialconf.  How about this idea....

I go into bios and disable com2, which I have nothing plugged in on (I
have a PDA I plug from time to time on com1.)

reboot, and hope that the one disabled com port with cause the modem's
com port to "slide down" into com4, which should be ttys3 in "linux

Try to use K's point-click interface.

Is there any "watch outs" I need to know for trying this strategy?!  


On Thu, 02 Sep 2004 06:20:04 +0200, Steve Mandelmore
<circle@infinitezoom.com> wrote:

>Scotty Fitzgerald wrote:
>> Advice please, I can't dial up.
>> I am using the K environment, and I enter the command "kppp" and when
>> I go to set the device, I can't. My modem is on /dev/ttys4 but that is
>> not in the drop down box.  I tried "ln -s /dev/ttys4 /dev/modem" from
>> the shell, but when I select /dev/modem from the drop down box, it
>> does not work when I hit the button to test modem.
>> Any advice?  Please help.
>Here are some things to try (if you haven't already):
>Add your user account to the dip and dialout groups.  Log out and log back
>in afterwards.  Try KUser or just do this on the shell commandline:
># adduser steve dip
># adduser steve dialout
>Change 'auth' to 'noauth' in /etc/ppp/options.  Now try KPPP again.
>Maybe try running pppconfig (as root), go through the setup steps, then try
>$ pon YourConnectionName
>Or try installing and running wvdial.  If none of this works, there's
>probably something wrong with the modem setup.  Just a thought, but
>maybe /dev/ttys4 needs to be /dev/ttyS4 (capital S) for the symlink?
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