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Re: First general purpose unmoderated newsgroup for Debian

Paul Johnson wrote:

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> Madhusudan Singh <msdebian@yahoo.com> writes:
>> This is not a "fracture" or "duplication". To post to this group, I had
>> to reveal my email address and go through a two email process of
>> subscription.
> No, you didn't.  It's an open list.

It is not. I received the following message from a moderation robot when I
tried to post a message to linux.debian.user :

"linux.debian.user is a moderated newsgroup in gateway
with a mailing list.

Your article has been examined by the automatic moderation program
and has been refused because:

this hierarchy accepts posts only from registered users.
You can register for posting by subscribing to the 
mailing list. You can do so by sending a message with "subscribe" in 
body at the linux-gate-request@lists.bofh.it address or by visiting
http://lists.bofh.it/listinfo/linux-gate ."

That does not sound very "open" to me.

>> Those things might not be problematic for you, but as a long time user of
>> the Usenet, I find these requirements onerous, and in the present day
>> spam ridden Net experience, even inviting trouble, since this is a
>> glorified mailing list.
> http://www.interhack.net/pubs/munging-harmful/
> You just need to manage your mail better and report email abuse if you
> think that.

I might have to do that for the spam that is everyone's lot these days. I
see little reason to multiply my problems by revealing my email address
(though I had to for this to get this message to this not so "open" list).

Especially as one can do it simply by using a spammers-go@spam.invalid style
email address in one's Usenet postings (possible elsewhere but not on this
list that pretends to be a newsgroup), I see little point in going through
all the extra spam that joining any mailing list entails these days.

>> And since other newsgroups like comp.os.linux.misc etc. have done very
>> well without moderation (whether automated or not), I do not see what
>> purpose is served with a moderated newsgroup.
> Because it's distro-neutral.

alt.os.linux.slackware is hardly distro neutral, is it ? You want to discuss
distro specific successful unmoderated newsgroups, go right ahead. I have a
pretty long list.

>> Its not as if linux.debian.user
>> discusses contentious issues where matters might get out of hand. Its a
>> support NG where one gives and receives help.
> linux.debian.user is a mirror of this list.

I sent this post to linux.debian.user.

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