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Re: compile time on 2.6.8

I cut the compile time down to 19m20s.  Change line 14
in toplevel Makefile to
MAKEFLAGS += --no-print-directory -j 3

There has to be a space between the -j and 3 (or 4 or whatever you use).

I did have

MAKEFLAGS += --no-print-directory -j3
and it took 45m because there was no space.

Just as an aside, I ran another compile just a minute ago and all
I changed from the previous compile was I loaded VESA and VGA Graphics
and 8 and 16 bit fonts in Framebuffer so I would get the silly little
logo instaed of a black screen:

real 1m28.853s

into the kernel instead of as modules   So, if you don't change a lot
of stuff and a bunch of modules don't have to be compiled then it takes
a whole lot less time!!


> Hi
> You should try:
> export MAKE="make -j3"
> before running make-kpkg, you should get a higher load but also a shorter
> compilation time as the 2 cpus will be used.
> this assumes that you do it "the debian way", I think you can do the same
> with the standard procedure.
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