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Re: compile time on 2.6.8

Lance Hoffmeyer wrote:

How long is it taking people who compile the
2.6.8 kernel?  It is taking about 30-40 minutes
on my dual AMD MP2100?? And I am compiling from a Deb Sarge kernel-image 2.6.8-1-K7-smp?? Doesn't seem right. Seems like I used to compile in 5 minutes or less??

Compiling on Debian Sarge.

I'm using a 1.7gig P4, 256 mb ram and two swap files on different drives. My last 2.6.8-5 kernel compile took 8.5 minutes. The module compile took 2 minutes. I don't compile my kernels the Debian way, if that makes any difference. FWIW.


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