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Re: Kernel Compile

Sergio Basurto wrote:

Why you must recompile the kernel?, the current dist
support almost any hardware!!
If you really need to do that:
You must compile the Kernel with the hardware of the
laptop, there is not need to include your desktop

kernel-package in woody dist, can help you to achive
the .deb package easily.

I also recomend you that have a look to:

Is a very good reference.


On Tue, 31 Aug 2004 01:06:59 +0100, Grant wrote:


I have a laptop P2 300mhz, 128mb ram and a desktop box
thats 2ghz,512mb ram.

The question is that could i use my 2ghz machine to
make and compile a kernel, then package it up into a .deb and send it to the laptop and install it and it work ?

Would i need any extras ? i know i would have to
the hardware for the laptop, but would i need to include the hardware for the 2ghz or just the laptop ?


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I need to compile the kernel as i havnt been able to get the sound card working on my laptop.

The laptop is a omnibook 4150A, the B version is supported quite well from what i have seen on the internet, but i havnt had much luck with this laptop on anything other than mandrake, so i am assuming that if i recompile the kernel i can add in what ever mandrake used for my sound card.

from a few sites they say its a CS4282 but everything i have tried so far hasnt worked so i am hopping this compile will sort it :)

I wont include the desktop hardware i was just curious as it's using the desktop to compile so i thought it might be needed :)


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