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Re: hauppage 350 pvr

Stephen Tait wrote:
At 22:28 30/08/2004 -0400, you wrote:


This is already set up

Personally, I'd dispense with LIRC until you can get the TV card working.

Makes sense.

If LIRC really is missing modules, your kernel config should look something like this:

<M> I2C support
<M> I2C bit-banging
<M> I2C device interfaces
<M> I2C /proc

<M> Video for Linux

<M> BT848 Video for Linux

I couldn't find all of these modules under modconf for 2.6 kernel.

As for the mythtv part of it. When I try to watch TV I get a rather unresponsive black screen.

Have you tried watching TV outside of Myth? It's generally alot easier to test your TV card with cat /dev/video0 or mplayer before you hurry into Myth. A straight black screen usually means you've loaded your modules wrong (typically specifying the wrong tuner type). Once you get static, you're in business ;)

It appears that xine works, but I have no TV device to work with.
And Mplayer works but the ALSA sound it's trying to attach doesn't seem to work. I had throught this was working but there's nothing in the kernel configuration for this. Again, there isn't anything in modconf to support ALSA either.

I thought ALSA was provided in the 2.6 kernel?
uname -r

TBH though, troubleshooting issues like this is a very hit-and-miss process. Post some more info about your setup (card revision, ivtv version, ivtv module loader, etc) things should be easier to troubleshoot; you might also want to consider joining the mythtv-users mailing list, which has proved invaluable in getting my Myth box into a usable state (esp. with regard to getting a PAL version running, as these have slightly different module configs).

PVR-350 model 990
ivtv - NFC.  Didn't even know I had one.

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