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Re: Kernel Compile

Stefan O'Rear wrote:

On Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 01:06:59AM +0100, Grant wrote:

I have a laptop P2 300mhz, 128mb ram and a desktop box thats 2ghz,512mb ram.

The question is that could i use my 2ghz machine to make and compile a kernel, then package it up into a .deb and send it to the laptop and install it and it work ?

Would i need any extras ? i know i would have to select the hardware for the laptop, but would i need to include the hardware for the 2ghz or just the laptop ?

Probably just the laptop, BUT, I seem to recall the *config doing
limited hardware probing (like, if you don't watch out you'll get a P4
only kernel).

You may wish to look into distcc. It is a wrapper for gcc that spreads
the work between multiple computers, e.g:

Your laptop and your desktop will be faster than your desktop alone.


Thanks for the reply.

I think i will try a compile on my desktop first and then transfer it over.

As the laptop has only just been installed up so i havnt a problem with loosing anything if the kernel doesnt work or i mess something up.

Then if that doesnt work, i think i will look at trying the other thing you mentioned about spreading between them.

Thanks again

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