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Re: Problems installing kernel 2.4.27 on sarge via apt

Chris Metzler <cmetzler@speakeasy.net> writes:

> On Mon, 30 Aug 2004 11:20:27 -0400
> Dragan Cvetkovic <me@privacy.net> wrote:
>> Never mind, it seems that another stat command was in my path that has
>> different input/output format than /usr/bin/stat that mkinitrd was
>> expecting. 
>> Could the kernel image maintainer please ensure that full path of
>> binaries is used in pre/post-install scripts?
> You might wanna file that as a bug.  Or mention it in other mailing lists,
> like debian-devel or debian-kernel.  Members of the Debian kernel team
> may indeed be reading this list, I dunno; but they may not.  And either
> way, it's by no stretch guaranteed that one of them will see a post here.

Done (at least an email is sent). Thanks Chris.

Bye, Dragan

Dragan Cvetkovic, 

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