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Re: networking stopped working on sarge

From: "Stefan O'Rear" <stefanor@cox.net>
> > should dpkg-reconfigure, or would that not be helpful?  After enjoying
> > internet for a bit, I will reboot the box to see if things are still
> Perhaps ifupdown got corrupted?
> apt-get --reinstall install ifupdown net-tools

Thanks to those who replied to me.  I now believe my problem was
hardware-related.  I replaced the ethernet card this morning with another
Kingston KNE100TX, and it has been working fine for about 10 minutes.  I
started leaning toward the hardware replacement when, two or three minutes
after I previously reported success, the networking stopped again. It's too
bad there wasn't a more dramatic or clear-cut failure.  Anyway, cross my

-Kevin Murphy

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