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usb printer "gone" after apt-get dist-upgrade?

This is getting to me, 

Had such a hard time installing the usb printer here, and last it
was working was before I did apt-get dist-upgrade.
Now Cups tells me that there is no device /dev/usb/lp0.

So most likely the solution is somewhere else, but I would like to know
if apt-get dist-upgrade can have such effects, that printers don't work

/etc/printcap entry 

# /etc/printcap: printer capability database. See printcap(5).
# You can use the filter entries df, tf, cf, gf etc. for
# your own filters. See /etc/filter.ps, /etc/filter.pcl and
# the printcap(5) manual page for further details.

lp|Generic dot-matrix printer entry:\

Thanks  for any hints :-) 
LinuxUser aka Josef Oswald linux.os@chello.at 
registered-linux-user # 134.818 at http://counter.li.org

The box said Windows, NT or better, so I installed Linux :-) 

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