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Re: smbmount w2k3 no write access

On Thu, Aug 26, 2004 at 06:52:44AM -0400, Kevin Mark wrote:

> smbmount -> windows(CIFS/SAMBA server?) using win32 drivers->NTFS (R/W)
> smbmount -> linux SAMBA server(CIFS/SAMBA server?) using linux modules ->NTFS (read only)
> smbmount -> linux SAMBA server(CIFS/SAMBA server?) using 'captive' modules ->NTFS (R/W)
> could you edit this to make it clearer! 

I'm not sure what you're asking.  Whenever you use smbmount, you're
setting up a network connection to a box offering file sharing using
the Server Message Block protocol, in which the network software
translates all of your requests into SMB commands and sends them to
the serving box, which handles all the I/O in reality.

Another way to say it is that the Samba software "pretends" to be a
file system driver, even though it's really a network driver.

Your Linux computer never, ever accesses an NTFS partition directly
when you use Samba.  Whether you're connecting to a Windows box or
another *nix box running Samba, it's the host box that handles actual
file system I/O.

Is that what you were asking?
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