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Re: File permissions? Poss OT

On Thu, 26 Aug 2004 12:01:21 -0500
"John Fleming" <john@wa9als.com> wrote:

> Please bear with me - I had a working virtual host on Debian unstable
> and Apache 1.3.31 with web files in the user's /home/username/www/
> directory.(name-based virtual hosting).  I had some problems and ended
> up reinstalling unstable.  I restored the user's ../www/ folder from a
> Mondoarchive CD, as well as another user's site.  One user's site was
> fine, but the other's had errors, but only with one directory with
> images - His whole site won't display any image, and they are all in
> his appropriately-referred to../www/images/ directory.
> Since those initial observations, I've installed (for other reasons)
> Debian Sarge.  Again I restored the 2 users' ../www folders, and again
> the same observations - one site is fine and the other will not
> display images from the ../www/images directory.
> I have checked file permissions and ownership, and all are appropriate
> and world-readable.  Anything else to check??
> To get a little more into the bizarre, right after I reinstalled the
> problem site yesterday, I surfed the site from a Windows machine on
> the same LAN - Everything worked fine - images displayed, sounds
> played etc etc.  I thought things were fine until the user emailed me
> that he still can't see the images.  Now a day later, I can't view the
> images from the machine on the same LAN either!  Furthermore, surfing
> the site from the server machine shows SOME, but not all, of the
> images from that directory!  He has some thumbnails that point to
> larger photos - The error displayed in this case when I click on the
> thumbnail is that the file cannot be found - NOT a permission error. 
> I know this might sound a little flaky!  But I'm hoping someone here
> will see something common to all this that I'm missing?

Have you checked the error logs for apache? They usually provide more
info about where it's looking for the file when it says not found, etc.


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