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Re: HylaFax receives rubbish

Clement(clement@ans.com.au) is reported to have said:
> Just tried Hylafax.  After spending hours to play around, I finally got 
> Hyafax to receive fax.  However, the pages received are just rubbish.  
> When I setup Hylafax to email received fax as a PDF to me, that PDF is a 
> totally white page.
> Do you know where can I start to find and fix the problem?
> Debian installed is Sarge, with kernel 2.6.7.  Hylafax-server, 
> hylafax-doc and hylafax-client are all 4.1.8-13
> The only suspicious thing in the installation is the complaint about 
> ghostscript fonts.  I did this to quiet the complaint:
> ln -s /usr/share/fonts/type1/gsfonts /usr/share/gs-gpl/fonts
> This works to get hylafax to send.

You have sent to request for help twice now and have received no
answer.  On both occasions you hi-jacked another thread rather then
starting a new one (bad practice).

Those that _might_ been able to help might not have noticed your post
if the thread you hi-jacked did not interest them.

If you try again, start a new thread!  That might get you the help you

Nobody said computers were going to be polite.

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