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Re: Oops, no more /usr.

On Tue, Aug 24, 2004 at 02:48:34PM -0400, PaulNM wrote:
> I have a Sarge system where I tried to move /usr to a separate 
> partition.  To make a long story short, I accidently copied the Knoppix 
> cd's /usr, not the deb system's /usr.
> I actually saved /usr as /usrold on the original partition, but deleted 
>  it once everything seemed to be working.  End result: I have to 
> regenerate /usr.
> I'm thinking I'll have to use dpkg and apt to reinstall any debs that 
> are already installed (maybe get/set-selections), but this leads me to 
> two questions.
> 1: Should I tar /etc before this and overwrite it again afterwards? If 
> so, are there any other directories I should do the same to?

Shouldn't be necessary.

> 2: Is there a way to only reinstall packages with files in /usr?  For 
> example, kernel-sources* has files placed in /usr, but kernel-image* do not.

*Every* package installs something into /usr (/usr/share/doc to be
precise) as far as I know.

The simplest way is to reinstall everything is to use aptitude, put the
cursor on "Installed Packages", type 'L' as in shift-L, and then 'g'.

You win again, gravity!

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