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Re: ppp problems

Thomas Hood wrote:

On Mon, 2004-08-23 at 19:52, Haldor Riddering wrote:
cannot do dns lookups, surf, ping anything else.
what am I doing wrong? how can I fix it?

Red Faction wrote:
Sounds like resolve.conf issue. Look into /etc/resolve.conf and add name
servers there if not listed or not assigned by dhcp.

The name of the file is '/etc/resolv.conf'.

This file will be updated automagically by pppd or by the resolvconf
package if you have the latter installed (recommended).

Probably all you need to do is set the "usepeerdns" option for pppd.
Look in the global options file /etc/ppp/options , in the options file
for your modem /etc/ppp/options.tty*, and in the options file for your
provider /etc/ppp/peers/<provider> to see whether that option is
already set.

You might want to read the Networking chapter of the Debian Reference
for background information.
Thomas Hood

Okay, have the usepeerdns set, and /etc/resolv.conf auto magically does change now
to suit the dialup now. have read (a) the networking howto on debian site, and has confused me
no end. what mod do I need to make ip forwarding work in the nernel? 2.4.18-k7
I think thats whats why it's not working from my reading.
can still dialup and get local and remote ip addresses, but cannot ping my isps nameserve.
it just stays dialedup and nothing.
thanks for your help so far.

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