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UML and Sid, anyone?

I have successfully compiled UML (user mode linux) kernel and I want to
use it with a Sid root file system. I have explored the following to

 1. debootstrap sid image
    My kernel won't boot it. This problem might be related to devfs, but
    I am not sure. I've tried configuring the kernel both with and
    without it, neither works, and they both fail in the same way: init
    complains about processes respawning to fast, and I don't get a
    login prompt.

 2. Use a Woody root file system from the UML web pages
    I easily compile a kernel that boots with the root file system. When
    I dist-upgrade to Sid it seems that the new glibc version (with
    NPTL) screws things up and I can't spawn new processes at all

Does anyone have any hints to solve either problem?


Magnus Therning                    (OpenPGP: 0xAB4DFBA4)

The network is a stochastic synchronicity generator.
     -- Christopher Locke

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