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Re: postfix removal/install

On Thu, Aug 19, 2004 at 05:30:36PM -0500, Roger wrote:
> I'm attempting to install postfix - I ran into a problem(of my own 
> doing) and decided to start from scratch.. 
> I removed the debs
> postfix
> postfix-tls

> but I still get them in the list of packages..
> root@debian:/etc# dpkg -l | grep -i postfix
> rc  postfix        2.1.3-1        A high-performance mail transport agent
> rc  postfix-tls    2.1.3-1        TLS and SASL support for Postfix
rc means the package is removed.

> Also when I removed both these packages their are still files left 
> behind - ie init scripts, file and directories in /var/spool/postfix..
When you remove a package, dpkg leaves the conffiles (such as
initscripts) in place incase you change your mind.  Also, packages
generally _only remove what they installed_. postfix doesn't come with
e-mail messages, so why should uninstall remove them?

> So after the boteched removal I re-installed - and re-removed.  Still 
> same problem.  Only now upon re-installing I feel I'm missing some files 
> - almost like the new re-install is only half way taking place.
> At this point I'm looking to remove postfix 100% and start clean.  
> Problem is I can't do that.  Since I'm new to apt-get I'm wondering if 
> its database(or where it keeps it information is corrupted) under Redhat 
> I sometimes had to rebuild the rpm database if it got botched.
Left-behind conffiles are completely normal.
You can't rebuild the apt database only redownload it, intalling
packages doesn't change it. (I think you wanted the dpkg database - apt
just downloads the packages and hands them to dpkg.)

> Suggestions?
To completely remove a package do "dpkg --purge packagename", or
"apt-get purge packagename".

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