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Q: use remote X fonts?

Hello all,

I'm wondering how to use remote fonts.  I searched the
Google groups for information and browsed "man xfs",
but still don't know how to do that.

Here is my situation. I log in to a remote machine by
"ssh -X" from a local machine on which an X server
is running.  Let's call the remote machine "rmt"
and the local machine "lcl".  When I type

	lcl$ ssh -X rmt.workplace.com
	[. . . login succesful. . .]
	rmt$ emacs &

an emacs window appears on the screen of lcl.  So far
so good.  But, all Japanese characters appear as blank
rectangulars on the screen.  English alphabets show
perfectly.  When I'm at work and directly use the
console of rmt.workplace.com, those fonts are displayed

Those fonts aren't installed on my home machine, lcl,
but I suppose it's possible to use fonts of rmt from
lcl.  I also guess that xfs has something to do with
my problem and I know /usr/bin/X11/xfs-xtt is running
on rmt, which is a Debian 3.0r2 system. I don't want
to install extra fonts on the home machine, because
it varies.  I sometimes use Mac OS X, sometimes Cygwin
on Windows XP, and sometimes FreeBSD 5.2.1.  (I may even
buy a PC and install Debian on it in the future. :)
Could someone help me?

Thanks for your attention,

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