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Re: OT:Hardly any messages getting through

On Tue, 17 Aug 2004 listcomm@ml1.net wrote:

> I guess now it's my turn in the rape room; I haven't gotten anything
> from the list after August 15.  (I see my subsequent post has showed
> up there, though.)

I'll wager that this is some of the damage we'll all see more of -
ISPs blocking high-volume mailing lists, assuming they are spamming.

Many people are starting to use connection rate limiting - which in and
of itself, isn't bad... we just gotta make our MTAs do a better job at
using the connections they are allowed to make (pipelining, etc) instead
of the usual 'one mail recipient, one connection'.

'Tis kinda like those that block ALL ICMP because one worm used
a detectably bad ping packet (one that you can catch in filters).

I'll note that I'm not having trouble getting messages, but with
recent improvements in spam/virus detection here, and at the Debian
mailing lists (ok, spam only there - for the nonce) - the volume
is less than it used to be.

Rick Nelson
<Knghtbrd> learn to love Window Maker.
<Knghtbrd> a little NeXTStep is good for the soul.

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