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Re: What did I do wrong? (Filesystem recovery with ReiserFS)

On Fri, Aug 13, 2004 at 10:41:34AM -0400, James Herschel wrote:
> Why on earth would Reiserfs be in the Kernel for as long as it has if it 
> wasn't any good?

Why are all sorts of things in the kernel?  Because someone wants them

The userland reisertools suck.  Oh, wait, you already found that out.  The
hard way.

> I find Knoppix to be a great tool when a system is unbootable, and it's 
> normally not a good idea (very bad) to run an fsck on a mounted partition.

Thank you, I *do* know when it's safe to fsck a filesystem.  But I can't
imagine Knoppix being good for much other than "gee whiz, it's Linux" type
of nonsense.  It certainly wasn't impressive the last time I wasted an
afternoon with it.

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