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Re: Sarge not printing

James Vahn wrote:

Filipi Vianna wrote:

But when I try to print with lpr or enscript (like I always did),
and nothing happen.
The syslog don't say anything.
The /var/spool/lp/log dumps some ghostscript errors.

It sounds as if apsfilter has set up a bad filter, possibly sending
binary or text to ghostscript. Sometimes magicfilter works where
apsfilter doesn't, and visa-versa. Try cupsys too.

I had also tested diferent drivers for the same printer, with diferent
ghostscript implementations... And the results are always de same.

Filipi Vianna
Laboratório de Mecânica Computacional (DEMM)
Faculdade de Engenharia - PUC-RS
telefone: (51) 3320-3500 ramal: 4053

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