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Re: Sarge not printing

so it was working at one point?
I'm changing from slackware to debian. And when I was using
slackware those procedures had always worked.
And the apsfilter test page does print perfectly, from apsfilter SETUP.

what does lpq say?
Nothing. Simply doesn't print, and act as the job was done.

i dont know if this will help, but i had trouble with a lock file
I already checked for lock files. And the lpd usualy say something
where there are lock files...

I'm asking for the list because I have no more ideas on how to
solve this matter... I had checked I logs... And apsfilter should
be working. apsfilter's lists said that debian aplies many patches
on apsfilter and they can't know what is going wrong.

I guess if I chage to magic filter it should work, but apsfilter
alway work to me. I guess that those patches debian aplies to
apsfilter are making apsfilter send wrong instructions to the

How can I fix this apsfilter?

Filipi Vianna
Laboratório de Mecânica Computacional (DEMM)
Faculdade de Engenharia - PUC-RS
telefone: (51) 3320-3500 ramal: 4053

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