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Re: Bash equivalent to DOS /p

On Fri, Jul 16 at 10:28PM +0800, Duggan wrote:
> Rus Foster wrote:
> >On Fri, 16 Jul 2004, Duggan wrote:
> >>I know that this is a really n00bish question, but I have to
> >>ask.  What is the command that limits output from a command
> >>to just a page at a time, like the /p command in DOS?
> >
> >Try
> >
> >cmd | less
> >
> >Rgds
> >
> >rus
> > 
> >
> I tried both Thomas's and your suggestions and neither has
> worked.  Just to clarify I am trying to use the dumpkeys
> command and the output from it doesn't fit in one screen.  I
> am not working in an X environment so there are no scroll bars
> so I'm trying to figure out how I can see the output page by
> page.

shift-pageup! no scroll bars needed. :)

whether you're in an xterm (or rxvt or konsole or gnome-term)
within the X window display system or at the text-only console,
you can try SHIFT-PAGEUP and SHIFT-PAGEDOWN to scroll around
your session's display history. you can usually select (with
your mouse pointer) any text that you see there -- right-click
either gives you options or extends your selection; middle-click
usually pastes whatever you've got selected (as if you'd
re-typed it all frmo your own keyboard, and in a hurry :).

I use Debian/GNU Linux version 3.0;
Linux boss 2.4.18-bf2.4 #1 Son Apr 14 09:53:28 CEST 2002 i586 unknown
(5 matched scroll)
DEBIAN NEWBIE TIP #6 from Will Trillich <will@serensoft.com>
How do you keep text from SCROLLING BY TOO DAMN FAST? :)
Before pressing the ENTER key of a command that you know will
generate a lot of output, "pipe" it through your pager:
	ls -lR | pager
	locate tgz | pager
	grep -r pattern /home | pager
You can also try <SHIFT>-<PAGE-UP> to scroll back. This works
both at the console and in rxvt/xterm windows.

Also see http://newbieDoc.sourceForge.net/ ...

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