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Re: [Rant] The Endless Search for a Mail Client That Doesn't Suck

On Sun, Aug 08, 2004 at 08:24:34PM +0200, John L Fjellstad wrote:
> Brian Nelson <pyro@debian.org> writes:
> >> > 6. It must have a decent expiry system.
> >> 
> >> You don't need a mailclient to have a decent expiry system if you are
> >> using Maildir.  Since all new mail goes into {MAILBOXNAME}/new and all
> >> read mail goes into {MAILBOXNAME}/cur, you can use this script to delete
> >> all read mail over a certain date:
> >
> > That's not necessarily true.  OfflineIMAP puts all mail in cur.
> Well, if you were using offlineimap, I would think you would do the
> script on the imap server rather than the client.

Modifying the backend Maildir behind the IMAP server's back is A Very
Bad Idea(tm)...

> > Generally, I think you may find "unseen" mail in new, but the MUA will
> > move it to cur as soon as it finds it.  It may very well not be read by
> > you yet.
> Didn't realize that.  The one MUA I'm using, which shall go unmentioned
> in case you decide to kick me in the nuts, don't.  Probably shouldn't
> have been so sure about it.  
> Isn't there a way to check whether a file has been looked at?  Like the
> difference between creation time and access time.  Although I'm not sure
> the creation time gets changed if a file gets moved from new to cur...

Look at the message flags that follow the :2, in the file name.  'S'
means 'seen'.


You win again, gravity!

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