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Sarge will not print text, but Fedora Core will

I now have checked printing by putting Fedora Core 2 on this box. After 
following Sarge since the damn beginning and printing to my trusty HP 920c 
deskjet the cups team has finally screwed up printing in Sarge just as we 
freeze it.

This is a tad irritating. It started in Sid with the introduction of 
libcupsys2-gnutls10 and then went to Sarge with the introduction of same. All 
kinds of kde things seem to depend on this package. So a dist-upgrade becomes 
impossible if I want to print text.

Oh, the printer prints graphics just fine. But a simple little text letter --- 
no way.

Any ideas would help. I did file a bug report, but heard nothing back and the 
bug report just sits there.

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