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Re: XFree vs. xorg

On Fri, 2004-08-06 at 11:12, Nathan Kroll wrote:
> I have recently become aware of the fact that Debian is still using
> XFree86 4.3 on all of its releases and seems to have no plans on
> converting to xorg.  Is this true? Is there development underway for
> make xorg the new default x server?
> I'm just wondering because it seems odd to me that debian isn't
> jumping on it since everything else (in unstable at least) seems to be
> very up-to-date.
> Just looking for any info on possible debian adaption or if anyone
> know what is so much better about xorg over 4.3 (besides the license
> stuff).

from what i remember debian rejected the license change xfree86 made
with 4.4

keep in mind that xfree86 4.3 had been released for about one year
before it saw unstable.


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