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Re: Wireless AP not being seen

hi ya alberto

On Thu, 5 Aug 2004, Alberto Alonso wrote:

> I have a BCM94306 802.11g (rev 03) card which is seen using
> the ndis driver bcmwl5

thats a broadcom chipset
> ndiswrapper -l reports: 
> bcmwl5 present

that's good .. but did bcmwl5 come from the cdrom that came with 
the pci card

you need to have ndiswrapper load the driver that came with the card
	- see below for step by step things to do 
	( you'd need to config your wireless config variables )

> Even though I can see wlan0 using iwconfig wlan0 the ESSID
> remains null. I can't set it to anything.
> When I do "iwlist wlan0 scanning" I get:
> wlan0	No scan results

ndiswrapper is a wrapper to allow windoze drivers to run on
linux boxes so you might lose some functionality
- my linksys wmp54g can't do wep-anything with ndiswrapper to netgear
  wg311 with madwifi  ( but i can live with it ... i dont use linksys )

ndwrapper howto 

	- get ndiswrapper from sourceforge

iwconfig howto

	- get the latest iwconfig from hp's site

sample config files

c ya

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