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Re: sql-ledger and postgresql: HOWTO?

John Summerfield writes:
> Web interfaces have their advantages though: for example, you client
> machine can be anything anywhere running any web browser. One of the
> things users like about sql-ledger is that you can do work at a client
> site, connect to your accounts (possibly using their machine), print up
> an invoice, process the payment & give them the receipt.

I would never make my accounting system accessible from the Net.  I would
like it to be accessible on the LAN, though, and https seems like a good
way to do that.

> Also, using a web interface pretty much requires the application be
> multiuser.

That's a given, isn't it?  I'd also want a text interface.  My wife hates

> Eiffel would offend those users who are especially keen on free software,
> and ensure that the sotware would, at best, be in contrib.

I would not be interested in a non-free package.

I have a toy system I spent some time on after I dropped out of the Gnucash
project.  It uses Python and Postgresql and illustrates some ideas I was
unable to sell to the Gnucash folks, such as using a journal as the
fundamental data structure.  I haven't looked at it in years, so it has
probably suffered bit-rot.
John Hasler
john@dhh.gt.org (John Hasler)
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI

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