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Re: sql-ledger and postgresql: HOWTO?

On Tue, 2004-08-03 at 18:09, bob parker wrote:
> > > Any chance that you will package it?  Or let someone else do so?  I'm not
> > > pleased with sql-ledger either, but I like the alternatives even less.
> >
> > Once it is written, yes.  If you would like to list features you would
> > like to see, that could be helpful.  There really needs to be a good
> > free accounting package, but it has to cope with all kinds of things to
> > be a good internationalised package, and I probably haven't even
> > imagined some of them.

> Are we talking about a web page interface here? Say Pg + Php?
> If so I have the beginnings of a payroll module I could contribute.
> It's built to ato rules of PAYE for dotAU but maybe there's enough in common 
> to suit other places.

I'm not all that keen on web interfaces; as far as I can see, from my
limited and reluctant experience of writing them, the programming
languages are poor and debugging is a nightmare.  I was thinking on the
lines of glade + Python or Eiffel.  However the underlying database
structure should be the same, and I would insist on putting all the
consistency rules into the database (triggers, foreign keys, etc.) so
you could possibly have two different interfaces to the same database.

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