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Re: Woody and HP DL320G2

On Tue, Aug 03, 2004 at 12:54:52PM +1000, Adrian Bolzan wrote:
> Hi,
> I am preparing to buy a new HP server, a HP DL320G2, and would like to
> install Woody onto it.
> The questions I have relate to the:
> - On-board NICs, given on the HP site as "Two NC7760 PCI Gigabit Server
> Adapters (embedded)" 
> - the ATA RAID controller, given as "Integrated Dual Channel Ultra ATA/100
> Adapter with Integrated ATA RAID 0, 1"
> - video, given as "Integrated ATI RAGE XL Video Controller with 8-MB SDRAM
> Video Memory"
> Will woody with the standard bf2.4 kernel detect the NIC's and RAID
> controller?

Video is no problem, NICs require a newer kernel, and the RAID is
hopeless (no open-source driver, no real raid (some kind of software
raid), and impossible to disable. There is a binary-only driver that
works with some redhat and suse kernels.
I wouldn't recommend this machine.


> Will I need to compile my own kernel to do this?
> Or, should I try to use Sarge?
> Thanks,
> Adrian
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