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Re: Networking Problem - yup

Alvin Oga wrote:

yup ...  your mask says use only the last octet ..
	10.0.0.x is NOT in the same network as 10.1.1.x

it's doing what you told it ... maybe not what you want

if you want to use ... don't... "0" is best used for network name

use  and your troubles is over

if you insist on using 10.w.y.x ... use for your mask
	and change anything you like except 10

if you insist on using 10.0.y.x ... use for your mask
	and only change y.x

if you like a "class c" of 10.0.0.x ..... use for your mask
	and only change "x"

c ya

Thanks for the reply, I was wondering what a good way of subnetting my networks would be.. What would be be advisable for someone with a DMZ and a LAN, and another LAN inside the first LAN (basically, I live upstairs from where i work, and I've set up a DMZ and LAN downstairs for work, then I have my own personal server upstairs (the one with the problem) with my own personal LAN behind it.) Currently I'm just using 10.0.0.* for the LAN, 10.0.1.* for the DMZ, and 10.1.1.* for my upstairs LAN, with as the mask for all.

However, I had no problem with the network before my server had a hard shutdown, but I still was interested in bettering my network.

Thanks for any advise.

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