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Re: `who` output keeps showing logins that have really logged out.

On Friday 30 July 2004 15:10, Tom wrote:

> * [Friday 30 July 2004 15:34] Adam Funk:
>> For a few weeks now I've been finding logins listed in the `who`
>> output that are not really logged in.  I've found out how to clear
>> them (`cat /dev/null>/var/run/utmp`) but I'd like to cure the
>> problem.  The false entries all seem to refer to xterm sessions
>> (running bash but without the -l option), but only a few xterm
>> sessions fail to get registered as logged out.
> Pretty useless reply, but I've noticed the same thing. It's been like
> that for several months here, now.

Actually that's useful for me to know: it makes it less likely that I've
screwed it up.  Any idea what program or package puts the information
in utmp?


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