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Re: On the verge of suicide:tar & gunzip problems

Vittorio <vdemart1@tin.it> writes:
>> zcat /mnt/backup-compaq/home.tar.gz |
>>  perl -ne 'm,home/vic/, && do { ++$count[($l + length($`)) % 512] };
>>  $l += length($_); END { for (0..511) { printf "%3d %5d\n", $_,
>>  $count[$_] if $count[$_] } }' | sort -nr +1 | head -20
> For the time being I've pit aside tghe idea of suicide but the complex program 
> you suggested (see above) doesn't work. I put it inside an executable file 
> and try to execute but It invariably says
> cannot execute binary file

Well, for some weird reason, it looks like you've introduced a bunch
of 0xA0 characters at the beginning of each line in your version that
weren't in my original.  Also, it isn't meant to be pasted as 4 lines
into a file but pasted as 1 single, very long line at a Bash command

Anyway, let's try it a different way.  I've put a Perl program here:


You can save this and then run the following command at a shell

        zcat yourtar.gz | perl find_offset.pl home/vic/ | head -20

Kevin <buhr@telus.net

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